What you can send

  • You’ll be amazed by how many things you can send using our large parcel delivery service. If you’re unsure, check here

Size and Weight

  • Individual parcels can weigh up to 30kg. Your full consignment of parcels can weigh as much as you wish
  • Parcels can be up to 2.5 metres in length and the length and girth combined should not exceed more than 5 metres
General packaging advice
    • Packaging must always be of a suitable strength and thickness for the size and weight of the goods being posted
    • Always box your items – Use a new rigid cardboard box which is strong enough for the weight of the contents and internal packaging
    • Ensure there is no space in your parcel for the contents to move and damage each other e.g. use polystyrene chips to fill any voids and create a rigid parcel
    • Internal packaging material must be sufficiently strong e.g. large items need thick protection e.g. polystyrene surrounds / boards or strong air bags. Bubble wrap is suitable for the cosmetic protection of large items only
    • Electrical items and computers must be protected by thick rigid packaging e.g. polystyrene surrounds
    • Fragile items e.g. glass, ceramic, stone, plaster etc. must always be suitably packaged to avoid damage from being stacked with other items. Individually package and boxed such items and then place them in a larger box
    • Musical instruments should be sent in a hard case. Gig bags or trapezoid cardboard guitar boxes are not suitable
    • Never use soft cases or jiffy bags to send tablets, laptops or similar fragile electrical goods
    • Never strap boxes / parcels together. Put everything in the same box or send as separate parcels (we offer competitive consignment pricing when several parcels are going to the same address on our Johannesburg

    Labelling and sealing your parcel

    • Always seal the parcel well, top and bottom, with plastic or reinforced carton tape, not ordinary household tape
    • Never use string, plastic strapping, shrink wrap or bubble wrap on the outside of your parcel as they can get stuck in our machines
    • Make sure the service bar coded labels are securely attached to the parcel and are clearly visible
    • Labels glued on to luggage items can become detached. Put the label in a clear plastic envelope and attach this to a handle or strap on the item using a bag tie. For added security, place a second label inside the luggage within the main compartment, or exterior pocket
    • Labeling an item as “fragile” is not a substitute for adequate packaging
    • We do not guarantee the orientation of items sent on our services. Labeling an item “This way up” will not guarantee it will remain in the requested orientation during delivery

Parcel sending options

  • With our next morning parcel delivery service, you can organize collection from your door; drop off the parcel at your local Post Office or at one of our depots. Online prices vary depending on the option chosen for us to collect and deliver your item

    Drop-off and Pick-up Options

    We offer great online savings when you choose from our range of parcel drop-off and pick-up options.

    The discounts below are savings against our standard online prices for collection from your door and delivery to recipient address. You can also mix and match from all these options to ensure maximum convenience for you and your recipient.

  • Drop off and collection discounts

    Take advantage of great savings on our courier services, by choosing one of our convenient collection or drop off options when booking your parcel online.

  • We can collect from you the same day depending on the time of day your booking

The delivery

  • Our next morning delivery services reach the majority destinations although our guaranteed delivery time is extended for a few remote addresses
  • You can send your parcel directly to the recipient, or to a local Post Office
  • Your parcel is fully tracked every step of the way
  • We always obtain an electronic signature
  • Saturday delivery available for extra R 133,62 plus VAT per consignment
  • Delivery time is guaranteed when you send for the next morning.
  • You’ll be amazed by how many things you can send with our next morning delivery services.

Size and weight

  • Individual parcels can weigh up to 30kg
  • Parcels can be up to 1.5 metres in length and the length and girth combined should not exceed more than 3 metres. Larger items can be sent using our large parcel delivery service

Once Off Deliveries & Cash on Delivery,

So the fastest way to find the correct price for your parcel is get a quote

From: To: Travel Time: Day Night

Prices for our large parcel delivery service depend upon your chosen pickup and drop off options, so the fastest way to find the correct price for your parcel is to get a quote. Prices below include VAT at standard rate.

Weight up to 2KG

Collection and Drop off



Weight up to 5KG

Collection and Drop off



Weight up to 10KG

Collection and Drop off



Weight up to 15KG

Collection and Drop off



Weight up to 20KG

Collection and Drop off



Weight up to 25KG

Collection and Drop off



Weight up to 30KG

Collection and Drop off



Saturday delivery available

For an extra R 133,62 Plus VAT per consignment

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If you send an average of two or more parcels per week, you could benefit from opening an account with us and save up on our standard rates. Tell us about your parcel sending needs and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss how we can help you.


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