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About ScanGPS Painting Services

Painting-Solutions Professional Startup, serving across breath of Residential and Commercial Home Painting – Interior to Exterior, Budget Painting to Texture, Stencil Work to Kids Décor Room. We are committed to provide best painting experience to customer. Looking forward to add happy customer across rest of Gauteng.

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Interior Painting- ScanGPS Painting Services provide complete solution for Interior Painting which includes every single part of your home inside right from kitchen to bathroom, staircase to balcony, pooja room to dining hall, bedroom to bathroom etc either for Fresh Painting and Re-Painting work.

Fresh Painting - In general we do Fresh Painting in newly constructed home, apartments. In Fresh painting walls are completely rough. Some times in old houses fresh painting is also needed when its wall condition is really bad, damaged  or outer layer of old paint is completely broken.



Painting Services | Small to Large Scale Projects‎

Rental Painting where painting is done after tenants move out from the rented home. The name itself suggest that it is for Rental House, where same colour is used as on the walls, either one of two coat on walls and usually houses are empty and very economical.
Our Standard Process and Procedure includes :-
1. Touch up Putty wherever required on minor cracks, pilling off areas etc.
2. Sanding of Complete House Walls using sand paper
3. Paint as required based on wall condition.
4. Complete cleaning of house with our Cleaning Services
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Complete Painting solution which includes every single part of your space


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